Friday, May 08, 2009

WITS Presents a Very Special Podcast Interview Today

Brent Sampson, the CEO of Outskirts Press, will be joining team member Sarah Moore today to discuss his book Adventures in Publishing. Outskirts Press is a self-publishing company that is often used by the writers who frequent this site, so this interview should contain a great deal of relevant information for our listeners. Mr. Sampson developed Adventures in Publishing in the form of a children's book as a way of detailing the steps that an author in this genre would encounter when considering publication through Outskirts Press. Adventures in Publishing addresses the fears and concerns of first-time authors as well as the great opportunities that await them in the self-publishing process.

In the interview, Brent Sampson will discuss the benefits of choosing the self-publishing route over a traditional publishing house, why he chose to make children's literature the focus of the book, the advice he has for first-time authors, and the specific process used by Outskirts Press in working with its writers.

Click here to listen... to the entire interview.

Adventures in Publishing by Brent Sampson may be purchased here.

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