Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Book Review for Hope Springs Eternal

Ginger Simpson’s release, Hope Springs Eternal is a novella and book three of Stages of Love. The other books in the series are Chastity's Charms, Forever Faith, and Amazing Grace. Today, she shares a review of her book.

Book Title: Hope Springs Eternal
Author: Ginger Simpson
ISBN: electronic -978-1-926647-62-3
Print - 978-1-926647-70-8
Publisher: ETERNAL PRESS, APRIL 2009
Link to purchase: http://www.eternalpress.ca (download) http://www.amazon.com (print)Reviewer Byline: Teagan, for Bookwenches.com

Hope Harrison is dreading going to the new doctor that has taken over for her retired one. It’s bad enough to have to undress, but it makes it so much worse when it is someone you have never met before. In for the shock of her life, Dr. Jerrod Carlson is a hunk of the first order and Hope can’t believe her luck when, he shows an interest in her after hours. Widowed for three years, Hope never dreamed she would find another man that could make her feel the way that Jerrod does, and though she knows he has feelings for her, she isn’t sure he feels as deeply as she does. Especially when an unexpected occurrence has her questioning everything.

Hope Springs Eternal is a heartfelt, realistic, page-turner. I am thrilled to read about a more mature relationship with all the nuances of love and respect. The realistic approach that Ms. Simpson uses in her writing brings her characters to life and draws the reader into their thoughts and feelings. The sweetness of the feelings that Hope and Jerrod have for each other, spoke to the romantic in me. The expressive use of words painted the story in my mind’s eye. Hope’s first visit to her new doctor and the description that was given was so dead on that it even had my nerves frayed. Women, you will completely understand what I mean when you read this wonderful story. Ms. Simpson has a talent for telling a tale and hitting the nail right on the head. I felt as if I was right there with Hope throughout the story. I recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a sweet, heartfelt romance. Keep your eye on this talented author.

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