Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Places to Get Your Book Reviewed

Reviews sell books, but authors need folks to write book reviews for them. Are you interested in providing book reviews for authors? If you love to read books and give your opinion about them, I can direct authors to you. They will send you a complimentary copy of their book, and, in turn, you will provide a book review by posting it on or sending the digital copy directly to the author.

Simply leave a comment below this post and give us your blog URL. Then, make sure your blog has a way for people to contact you such as a Twitter connection, an active profile, or information that directs people to the contact page of your Web site. (I don't advise you to leave your home phone number or an exposed email address on the Internet.)

Are you an author looking for someone to review your book? Here is a partial list of people or companies that provide book reviews. I will add others as new reviewers volunteer. These are provided at no cost unless otherwise indicated.
Here is a good format to follow in setting up and writing your book review:

Give your book review a title
Book Title: In bold Italic font
Publisher and pub year
Reviewer Byline (your name or short bio)

Your credibility is enhanced when your reviews are a blend of balanced opinion and concrete example. Please offer your reader an idea of what the author intends to share and a recommendation of whether or not to read the book.

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Damaria Senne said...

I read a lot of romantic fantasy and crime novels, and would be happy to review books in those genres. Contact me at