Saturday, April 04, 2009

Easy Fitness for Writers

By VH Melville

It's hard for writers to keep weight off. We sit for long periods of time and often have a difficult time pulling away from the computer to exercise. These fitness tips have writers in mind and most are easy on the budget.

1. A walk is not only cheap but can help us come up with lots of creative ideas for stories. If your neighborhood is not safe or if the weather is bad, walk indoors at the mall.

2. If you are on book tour, a pair of three- to five-pound weights can fit into your luggage to use once you arrive.

3. A good book on strength training is essential. You do not want to injure yourself.

4. Dancing to old music in your own living room. Nothing can get our creative juices flowing like good music.

5. A Wii with fitness titles. Try “Wii Fit” and “Your Fitness Coach.”

6. Be a kid again. Do you have an old hula hoop or jump rope that you can safely use?

7. Avoid protein bars; most protein bars may have more calories than candy bars. They are for body builders, not weight loss. Besides, they taste disgusting.

8. I overeat when I let myself get too hungry. Eat before you feel starved!

9. Like Oprah, I struggle with weight. I give myself permission just to do my best.

VH Melville
Lives in the state of confusion and has a novel Death Toys for Quasar published by Diskus Publishing.

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