Friday, March 20, 2009

WITS Brings Some Suspense to Today's Podcast

Please join Writers in the Sky team member Sarah Moore as she interviews new author Jennifer Chase. Jennifer will be discussing her recently published novel, Compulsion. She brings her educational background in forensic science and criminology to this thriller, which takes readers inside the terrifying minds of the worst of criminals.

Compulsion introduces readers to the character of Emily Stone, who works anonymously to track and then gather evidence against the criminals who are plaguing communities across the United States. She uses her camera, high-tech tracking devices, and her keen instincts concerning the criminal mind to complete her secret and dangerous work. Once she has made the case against the perpetrator, she anonymously hands over her findings to the local police department. However, when she becomes the target of a criminal in her own neighborhood, Emily Stone must reveal her identity in order to save herself and others. The race to capture the predators before they can do further harm makes for a captivating and sometimes terrifying read.

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Jennifer Chase has established a blog for Compulsion, which provides articles about events related to the content of Compulsion as well as information about Jennifer's upcoming events.

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Mike Thompson said...

I purchased Compulsion when I was looking into publishers for my own book Blood Betrayal. The quality of publishing is actually what led me to finally decide on going with Outskirts Press myself. And it is a good book. I too am fascinated with criminal psychology, although my book takes more of a look at the criminal psychosis from the killer's point of view. Congratulations to Ms. Chase, and I wish you success in your writing career!