Monday, March 23, 2009

Join Us This Friday for Discussion of Dream Interpretation

Researcher and writer Christina Sponias will be joining the Writers in the Sky podcast to discuss her work surrounding dreams

Our podcast guest this week, Christina Sponias, will be discussing her e-books Dream Interpretation as a Science and Craziness Prevention. Ms. Sponias has spent nineteen years developing her research, which extends the work of psychotherapist Carl Jung. She applies the scientific method to dream analysis as a way of unlocking the messages that are sent to us through the unconscious mind. In her books, Ms. Sponias provides many examples of actual dreams that she had interpreted for her clients as well as an explanation of her method and a glossary of the symbols that are most often found in dreams.

Christina Sponias asserts that effective anaylsis of our dreams can lead to the correct decisions concerning love and career moves, as well as cure a wide variety of mental illnesses. She teaches readers how to apply her methods and promises that the skills needed to analyze your own dreams can be mastered in months.

To purchase Dream Interpretation as a Science, please click here. With this purchase, you will receive the e-book Craziness Prevention absolutely free!

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