Friday, March 27, 2009

Join Our Podcast Today for a Discussion on Dream Interpretation

WITS team member Sarah Moore will be joined by researcher and writer Christina Sponias for our weekly podcast interview. Ms. Sponias will be discussing her two e-books Dream Interpretation as a Science and Craziness Prevention. She has spent years furthering the research of psychotherapist Carl Jung and his theories concerning dream analysis. The culmination of her research has been her published description of how the scientific method can be used to in the area of dream interpretation. In addition to sharing her methodology, Sponias uses her books to detail many examples of actual clients who she has assisted through her anaylsis.

In her interview, Christina Sponias will be discussing how she developed her research, the many ways in which understanding your dreams can improve your life, and how her own background led to her continued interest in her chosen field. She also shares the unique challenges and benefits that come along with her decision to publish her work as e-books.

Click here to listen... to part one of the interview.

And, after an interruption to problems that sometimes occur with international phone calls ...

Click here to listen... to part two of the interview.

To purchase Dream Interpretation as a Science and receive Craziness Prevention as a bonus e-book absolutely free, please visit Christina Sponias' website.

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