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The Anja Technique, The Art of Self Love

On March 6, Writers in the Sky Podcast host, Yvonne Perry, will interview Shayn Cutino about her new book, The Anja Technique, The Art of Self Love.

Shayn Cutino is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, a member of the American Association of Professional Hypnotherapist, the International Hypnosis Research Institute and the International Hypnosis Federation. In order to fulfill her passion to care about the "whole" person, she sought further accreditation and earned her certification with honors as a Holistic Health Practitioner from GCNM.

In working with people in a therapeutic capacity, it became apparent to Shayn that the missing connection between each person and a productive life was the relationship they had with themselves.

The Anja Technique was developed by Shayn to teach individuals how to really love and appreciate themselves. Throughout the book, individuals will discover that love is the greatest energy in the universe and it is crucial to personal success. This powerful and comprehensive 5-step process allows individuals to release blocks and obstacles that no longer serve them and to transform their lives into one of self acceptance and love.

Shayn loves in Northern California with her husband and children, where she maintains her private practice.

The Anja Technique, The Art of Self Love
Shayn Cutino
Infinity (2008)
US $15.95 (includes CD)
ISBN: 0741451093
Reviewed by Yvonne Perry (02/09)

In reading self-help and new age books, I've noticed there is a common thread among the authors who write them. They seem to feel as though they didn't fit in or were somehow different from others--especially during childhood. This is probably due to the sad fact that our materialistic, ego-centric society hasn't been able to welcome the love and wisdom these light workers bring. It is natural for humans to react differently to those we feel are not like us. The author of The Anja Technique is a spiritually aware person who has learned to embrace her uniqueness in order to help others along their spiritual path to wholeness.

Becoming spiritually aware doesn't come easy for many people. Unlike being able to hire someone to clean our physical house, no one can clean our spiritual house for us. Expecting someone else to do our spiritual work for us is futile. As Shayn says, no one can take our first breath for us, and no one can resolve our soul's issues or make us truly happy with our life. These are choices we must each make for ourselves.

However, many folks do not know how to create the spiritual changes they desire. Knowledge is power, and with the teachings in
The Anji Technique, anyone who wishes to learn and practice, will be able to pull away from the outer noise of the world and hear the loving music of the soul's inner voice...Love!

Everyone wants to love and be loved. Unfortunately, we have a tendency to look outside ourselves for approval and validation--perhaps it is in our mate, family members, children, or even in our wealth, job, or perceived status. Love is accessible within our subconscious. Guided imagery and hypnosis are "allowing" processes taught in The Anja Technique that can help us find that place of love inside.

There are three parts of this book filled with affirmations and exercises to help the reader understand The Anja Technique. The book is short, but its message is powerful; and if followed, a seeker can embrace strengths and accept flaws without judgment. These are big steps toward learning to love yourself.

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