Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What Yvonne Perry Does as a Freelance Writer and Editor

I have four book projects this week.

1. I formatted a book for an author to send to a printer. He is self-publishing and needed help with the layout for a 6x9 book. I formatted margins, headers, footers, section breaks, page numbers, table of contents, font size, style, etc.

2. An author's publicist requested that he make changes to a medical book for which he already has a publisher. He did not have the software, Adobe Acrobat (not the Reader version), or the time to mark those changes directly into the PDF as his publisher requires. I inserted the publicist's changes, as well as my own that I provided as a line editor, and those of the author, into the PDF and sent it to the publisher for layout of the final copy.

3. and 4. Two book proposals: Both needed a marketing plan, which I pulled from my e-book They also needed chapter summaries, and sample chapters.
  • One book was already written; I served as a developmental editor on it. The author is querying publishers early next week. I have a publisher interested in the book should her query not produce the response she needs. She's hoping for a strong contract, which I feel the book deserves.
  • The other book is in the writing process. I am serving the author as a mentor and teaching her how to put the entire manuscript together. Somewhat of a challenge since she is weaving three retro stories simultaneously. Working from an outline helps. Clear transitions are a must.
I work with three publishers on a regular basis. For two of them, I serve as a contract editor to prepare their author's books for the market.

Perhaps this gives you an idea of the type of work I do on a regular basis.

How may I assist you?

Yvonne Perry

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Elaine Williams said...

You sound incredibly busy! It's interesting work, that's for sure. Elaine