Monday, December 22, 2008

E-books for Non-geeks to Help With Technical Aspects of Online Marketing

New e-book series, Just the FAQs, gives beginners, who have little experience with online technology, the essentials for setting up a blog, adding RSS Feed, creating a Web site, and book promotion through article marketing.

These days, the Internet is a great place to sell just about anything and that includes books and e-books. With more and more authors promoting their books online, the need for technical knowledge continues to increase. Yet, many creative people have no idea how to create a Web site or blog, much less customize, optimize, and syndicate it for their needs. These folks don’t want to spend hours learning the technical side of online promotion, but neither do they want to pay thousands of dollars to have an expert to do it for them. That’s where the simple Just the FAQs series of e-books come in handy. They contain no geek speak, and no prior technical experience is required to understand them. These easy-to-use e-books contain just the “how-to” information needed to do the job, without the roundabout and unnecessary explanations about technical matters that only tend to confuse readers.

As the author of The Sage Age, Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom, the creator of these e-books, MaAnna Stephenson, knows first-hand the importance of marketing books online. However, she has the advantage of being degreed in electronics and decades of experience writing technical manuals. Most authors do not. While learning the necessary techniques for online book marketing, she documented the entire mechanical process. Her simple, clear-cut documentation is now the material in Just the FAQs series of e-books. She plans to write more of these do-it-yourself manuals to help guide folks who are ready for intermediate level information on topics pertaining to the technical aspects of online promotion.

Online book promoter, Yvonne Perry, says, “Just the FAQs is a great resource for new authors who are trying to promote their books online. The e-books will teach step-by-step how to set up a blog with RSS feed. I recommend these to the authors I work with.” Perry is a freelance ghostwriter and the owner of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services.

With its January pub date, the FAQ series will contain four main e-books Just the FAQs – Blogs, Just the FAQs - RSS Feeds, Just the FAQs -Web sites, and Just the FAQs – Articles. A Quick Step Guide is also available for free. It contains just the bare essentials of setting up a blog with RSS Feeds. More detailed information about optimizing and customizing blogs and feeds can be found in the main e-books.

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