Friday, November 07, 2008

Special Podcast on Book Marketing

Marlive is the owner of The Grits dot com Literary Services. She and I have networked online for more than a year in which we have enjoyed a mutual benefit from working together.

Today I will share an interview that Marlive Harris and I did for her show On the Air With The Grits dot com. In our interview, we discuss my new eBook and talk about online book marketing.

Many authors do not realize that they are the ones responsible for marketing their books. Those who have discovered that their books are not selling without being marketed have many questions about how to do it. Join Marlive and me as we share our insight and answer these and other questions:
  • What kinds of information are found in my new eBook Book Marketing in the Digital Age?
  • Is online marketing better than traditional marketing?
  • What is the advantage of publishing an eBook over a printed book?
  • What does an author need to promote a book online?
  • What is the most effective book marketing tool on the Internet?
  • How does marketing fiction differ from nonfiction?
  • If someone follows this eBook, how long (on average) does it take to see some results?
  • How do authors get visitors to their Web sites?

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