Monday, October 06, 2008

Should You Pay to Have Your Book Edited?

Most people do not realize that you don't get the same type or quality of editing by having a friend or teacher edit your book versus having a professional editor work with you on your manuscript. I recently had a client who had his sister proofread his book. She didn't catch half the errors my team member did. Why? Probably because she doesn't have a grasp on any particular style manual and doesn't have the experience as that of a person who does editing for a living. Does she know how to format a bibliography? No, she didn't even read through it, much less check to see if the URLs (which by the way should not be "hot" or "live" in a book going to press) were directing to the correct URL.

As you can see, there is much more to editing than just checking for typos and grammatical errors. A true professional will check for development, formatting, awkward transitions, redundancies, hyperbole, biased language and stereotyping as well as mechanical errors. A good edit should not only improve the book, but the writer as well.

We offer three levels of editing based upon what the book and the author needs. Our rates are from $2 per page for proofreading, $4 for copy editing, and can go as high as $10 or more per page for substantial editing that includes coaching the author and rewriting where needed. Our prices are based upon what two independent (not POD) publishers pay us to work on their author's manuscripts. Since we know the publishing industry, we can also steer an author to the type of publishing method best for them, their book, and their budget.

These are definitely some things to consider when choosing an editor.

Yvonne Perry

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