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October Network with Us

Yvonne Perry's new eBook Online Promotion Made Easy will be released October 15. Tons of tips to help you learn the art of networking and online promotion. The eBook has over 100 links to online places where you can get exposure for your book.

MaAnna Stephenson’s book The Sage Age—Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom was featured in Publisher’s Weekly on September 22. WITS had the honor of editing this book and we are very proud of this author. We invite you to subscribe to the author’s newsletter and receive the free eBook How Thoughts Become Reality. Read an article about the Large Hadron Collider and learn more about frontier science and current intuitive practice at . Be sure to read the review in our book review section of this newsletter.

Book Promotion E-Course October 6-31, 2008 Helps Authors Build Exciting Buzz

Got a book coming out you want to promote? Has your publisher’s publicist moved on to other projects? Do you have a book in stores that you know deserves more media attention than it’s getting? Do you need to know more about book promotion for your next book proposal? You need “Book Publicity 101: How to Build Book Buzz,” a dynamic online course taught by a veteran publicist and author.

Offered October 6-31, 2008, the class is taught in a forum format, with lessons and homework assignments posted online in a private, password-protected forum. The highly-interactive course covers how to:

· Create a book publicity blueprint that makes the most of your available resources
· Craft the most compelling media materials needed to generate results
· Conduct a virtual book tour with bloggers who can help you build buzz quickly
· Employ the media relations tools that will take you farther faster
· Generate high-impact radio interviews
· Build an author Web site that supports book sales and other goals

Students receive instructional materials and resources and complete weekly assignments that help them discover how easy it is to create book buzz. Student interaction on the forum offers fresh perspectives and new ideas for all participants while one-on-one instructor guidance and feedback takes your work to the next level. A free-for-all Q&A corner lets students get answers to questions not covered in the course materials, making this a highly-personalized learning experience for nonfiction and fiction authors.

The class is taught by Sandra Beckwith, a recovering award-winning publicist; publisher of the free e-zine Build Book Buzz; and author of three books, including two on publicity topics.

Registration is $179 and limited to twenty students.

Register at; send course inquiries to Beckwith at

Indian Age is a magazine that never skirts the issues but always excels as a powerful instrument to shape public opinion. Indian Age has been publishing from Vadodara since October 25, 2001 having its offices in all main cities of India. Indian Age brings out special features on various issues focusing on the citizens and their issues. The current issue of Indian Age is now available. If you have any difficulties finding Indian Age, please write us at

Indian Age Communication has also stepped into the publishing world with a series of ten books by eminent writers from South Asia. The first book of the series is Waiting for Manna, a short story collection of veteran South Asian feminist writer Dr.(Ms) Sarojini Sahoo, published in September 2008.

The Indian Age Communication has also planned to promote avant-garde writers by publishing their work in a concessional self-financing method. Writers may contact

Poet and Author Hal Manogue is giving a CD away with a purchase of his book Short Sleeves Insights . To get your free CD, email Hal at

Karen is putting a call out to the WITS writing community for a writer to help her with a pro bono project. If you have the time to spare for a good cause and would like to write the article and help her with the magazine querying process, please contact her and see what you can do to help her. Karen says: I am working with an artist, Jacqueline Cattaneo, who has done a series of 21 paintings titled “In Reverence.” There are 21 images of children praying, and this never-before-seen series is now at Restored Traditions, the largest Catholic Art Gallery online. We believe that these hope-filled kids, and what they are about, is an interesting story, that will touch many people.If you could pass this on to some other writers who could possibly help, we would really appreciate that. We can’t pay for the writing, but would love to have some articles in national magazines (Readers Digest, Ladies Home Journal, and others), and on Web sites ( is a wonderful one). Thank you in advance for your time and help!Blessings,Karen (the small letter o is not a zero)

MousePrints Publishing announces the release of the 5th Antelope Valley Anthology. The new volume is titled Off the 14 and is filled with stories, poems and essays by and about the people of Southern California's Antelope Valley.

MousePrints has been publishing this anthology of local work for five years and the book gets better every year. Tales of the Green Jack-A-Lope, the first of the books, was pretty rough. It didn't even have page numbers, but by the third book, Aldous Huxley Slept Here, we were learning how to produce a professional volume. This year's book is especially close to our hearts because it is dedicated to Kay Ryan who has just been named Poet Laureate of the United States. Ms. Ryan is from the Antelope Valley, having graduated from Antelope Valley High School and having attended Antelope Valley College.

The book will be released October 22, 2008 but pre-release orders are being taken by email at The cost of the book is $10.95 plus $4.00 shipping and handling. Earlier AV Anthologies and the novels of G. L. Helm can be ordered from


Introducing a new blog: Steven Clark Bradley’s Patriot Acts

This blog is on the one hand, to feature my novel, Patriot Acts and to encourage thought and response from readers to look into the issues such as terrorism and security and to challenge them to write and speak out on issues in support or in opposition to the views presented in this blog. It is a forum to challenge and express one's view freely and forcefully. I hope you'll go there and take a look around.

Watch this Video Trailer for Patriot Acts:
You can get your own copy of Patriot Acts at:

The Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest is open to anyone who loves expressing innermost thoughts and feelings into the beautiful art of poetry or to write a short story that is worth telling everyone! And to all who have the ability to dream. Write a poem or short story for a chance to win cash prizes. All works must be original.

Guidelines: Write a poem, thirty lines or fewer on any subject, style, or form, typed or neatly hand printed. And/or write a short story, five pages maximum length, on any subject or theme, creative writing fiction or non-fiction (including essay compositions, diary, journal entries and screenwriting). Also, must be typed or neatly hand printed. Multiple poetry and short story entries are accepted.

Postmark deadline: December 31, 2008: All winners will be announced on January 31, 2009
Prizes: Writing Contest First Prize is $500. Second Prize: $250. Third Prize: $100.
Poetry Contest First Prize is $250. Second Prize: $125. Third Prize: $50.
Entry fees: Writing Contest entry fee: $10 per short story. Poetry Contest entry fee: $5 per poem.

To send entries: Include title(s) with your story (ies) or poem(s), along with your name, address, phone#, email, brief biographical info. Tell us a little about yourself on the coversheet. Add a self-addressed stamped envelope for entry confirmation. Fees payable to: “DREAMQUESTONE.COM”

Mail to:
Dream Quest One
Poetry & Writing Contest
P.O. Box 3141
Chicago, IL 60654
Visit for details and to enter!

Jo Linsdell, the creator and manager of Writers and Authors, is planning to re-launch Writers and Authors site. The new format will be:

Mondays: Opportunities for writers
Tuesdays: Featured Authors
Wednesdays: Publishers, editors, etc...
Thursdays: Book reviews
Fridays: Upcoming events
A virtual tour will began October 1, 2008 to re-launch this site in its new format. Anyone who is interested in hosting Jo for an interview or featuring the Writers and Authors Web site on theirs, may send an email to with “virtual tour” in the subject line.

For those interested in being interviewed for the “Featured Author' section, send an email giving details about yourself and your writing. Please also include your Web site address. The same applies for publishers, editors, etc.

Jo also wants to include a section with book reviews. You are welcome to review any type of book and add it to the mix. If you are new to writing reviews and want some pointers check out

Please send your review in the body of the email to with “Book Review” in the subject line.

Good news! We've completed the mechanical licensing phase for the music used in the audio book Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry and Music. Now, onward into the production phase!

For those interested, the phases in creating and producing your own audio book are:

1) creative phase: recording, editing, file swapping, decision making, "notes" back and forth
2) technical phase: mastering and disc spanning
3) mechanical licensing: copyright, permissions in the print publishing world
4) production: making the discs, pricing, packaging, delivery
5) big celebration!
6) see if anyone wants one :-)

I continue to be completely smitten with Scott Kidd as a collaborator. He's a consummate professional. As someone whose career was as a generalist—with the skill of professionalism at the core of that—I truly appreciate that core when I encounter it. I am bragging on him all the time...even offering him as a case study for what really works well. Thanks again for connecting us.

Janet Riehl,
Riehl Life: Village Wisdom for the 21st Century for connections through the arts, across cultures and generations.

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