Monday, October 27, 2008

Book about Death, Dying, and Afterlife

Some people say that the veil between earth life and afterlife is the thinnest on Halloween (Samhain or All Saints Day) and this time of year reminds me that many people are afraid of death.

In 2005, I wrote a book designed to help people overcome their fear of death by viewing it differently. I have several dinged copies of this paperback that I've been carrying in my car. They have some wear on the cover, and I will sell those for half price. Contact me to order for $5 plus shipping.

Perhaps the fear of the unknown is what makes death so intimidating. If only we knew what was on the other side. Knowing for sure what lies ahead might make a difference in how we handle death.

Many of our fears are rooted in delusions or distorted ways of looking at life and the world around us. Generally, our fear of death is an unrealistic fear. Perhaps the best way to overcome the fear of death is to remember that our present physical life had a beginning. There is no real separation between the physical and non-physical realms. The separation seems real because there is a very thin veil (i.e.: our skin and physical body) between the two realms that dims our ability to interact with those in other dimensions. But more than the physical sense of separation, we limit ourselves with the false belief that we have only five senses with which to explore and experience life. This belief hinders us from accepting what our inner knowing tells us is true. We are multi-sensory spiritual creatures able to sense the presence and energy of non-physical beings.

More Than Meets the Eye uses true stories to look squarely in the face of euthanasia, near-death experience, walk-ins (soul exchange) , suicide, hospice care, living wills and other topics many people are reluctant to talk about. The book offers non-religious information and insight to assist people in finding peace about the mysterious process of transitioning back to God/Source. A legal document that may be used as a living will is included in the appendix.

More Than Meets the Eye: True Stories about Death, Dying and Afterlife by Yvonne Perry is available as a paperback book or may be downloaded into your Kindle reader on


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