Monday, August 04, 2008

Author's and Writing Update

August Author's Corner

My grandmother’s 92nd birthday party was a lot of fun. I saw family members that I only see once every year or so. We had great food including homemade peach ice cream—my aunt’s delicious annual contribution. My grandmother enjoyed all the decorations my mom and her sister tacked on every wall and light fixture in the house. They even had a Princess Nanny balloon alongside the front walkway. Do you want to know what kind of gift to give a 92-year-old? Food gift certificates! Nanny is thrilled to use her gift card when she calls Pizza Hut to her door! And, she loves getting gussied up and having her own “money card” when my parents to take her to a local restaurant. did an interview with me this past month titled A Freelancer's Survival Guide. The article turned out well and you may find the information helpful if you are thinking of starting a freelance business.

I have a new eBook Book Marketing in the Digital Age, Online Promotion Made Easy coming out in a few months. It’s the one about online book promotion that some of you have been waiting for. I’ve compiled everything that I have learned about online marketing into a 50-page eBook with tons of links to the sites of other experts—yours may be one of them! Preview this book marketing eBook at

I am asked the same questions over and over from authors who want to self-publish their books: What is the best way to print my book? How much should I expect to pay? Do you have any recommendations for a reputable printing company? If you know of a printing company that you can confidently recommend to our readers, I would like to hear from you.

Our trip to South Carolina to see our kids and grandkids was a pure delight. Being on the beach all day Friday, July 4, and again the following Sunday was just what I needed to help me release the stress I had been under. Along with several smaller projects, I’ve ghostwritten, edited, or proofread at least a dozen books this year, and I’m simultaneously working on three more books right now. That’s in addition to running and marketing a business, producing a podcast, blog, and newsletter, and trying to be a human. I’m certainly not complaining. I love what I do and I’m thankful to be able to work from home.

I put together a video about our writing business to show what WITS is all about. I’d love to have your comments on

We have more articles in this issue than usual, but they are all so good, I hated to cut any of them. Our “Network With Us” section could use a little pumping up, so be sure to send me your announcements by the 22nd day of August for inclusion in September’s issue.

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Online Bookmarketing newbie said...

Looking forward to seeing the ebook when it is done - I'm always looking for new tricks or tips to online book marketing.

Belinda (Worderella) said...

Aventine Press is a great way to self-publish. They do quality work and care about your project.