Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Movie Girl Book Review

Movie Girl
Author: Christina Hamlett
Outskirts Press
$11.95 US
ISBN: 9781432718541
Reviewer: Melanie Cressman

When she is picked to write a screenplay for her school’s new movie, Laurie isn’t fazed. Soon after, she finds that she might have a need to worry.

Movie Girl is the classic untold story of a crush that takes control of someone and totally changes them without their realization. In this story, Laurie has a crush on Artie. She begins to follow Artie around, and without knowing it, pushes everyone away as she chases after him. She winds up missing cheerleading tryouts to join Chess Club, writing a love poem to herself, and nearly destroying a friendship with one of the greatest guys she knows, all the while attempting to write a screenplay for her movie.

Laurie finally decides to give up on Artie after realizing how much she has changed to become a person he might like and still has not convinced him to like her. We can all take a lesson from how Laurie stubbornly continued to like Artie despite the events that should have led her to like someone else. We just need to take the time to look around and not take our friendships for granted just because we think we want something else.

Movie Girl is a feel-good story; one that has a simple but common timeless theme—love will prevail. Everything always works out in the end, and everyone can realize that we should appreciate what is right next to us as much as what we could have. Some things are simply meant to be, and nothing, from crazy stunts to hectic scheduling, can ever change that.

About the Reviewer:
Melanie Cressman is a fourteen-year-old who enjoys reading and writing for pleasure in her free time. She has always loved the thrill of opening a new book. She began writing reviews for her school book club as they read the books nominated for the Volunteer State Book Award. She enjoys reading everything from mysteries to historical fiction, horror stories to romance. Her favorite author is currently Meg Cabot. She loves writing and hopes that she will one day be able to do it as a fulltime career and have someone else review her books!

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