Monday, July 21, 2008

Immigration Issues Discussed on Writing Podcast

B.T. (Bridget) Lenox will interviewed by Sarah Moore on Writers in the Sky Podcast this coming Friday. Bridget is the author of the novel Beyond the Border--an alternative look at illegal immigration programs and the politicians that initiate them.

Author Bio

B. T. Lenox grew up with two brothers in the suburbs of southeast San Diego where Mexicans worked both legally and illegally for neighbors and friends. She often overheard stories of capture and abuse, and witnessed border patrol agents taunt and threaten migrant workers. As an adult B. T. studied writing and English in college. She worked for an attorney and transcribed for the courts. B. T. lives in a state where actors and immigrant actors become politicians, politicians that attain the title of President.

Book Synopsis

In 1979, four of the toughest boys in town vomit and weep when they stumble across Border Patrol agents who covertly exterminated caged, illegal aliens with kerosene and a single cigarette. Later, as adults, two of the boys discover that the same practices still secretly exist and are sanctioned by both the State and Federal authorities to further political careers.

Beyond the Border is a story about an attorney, Mike Phillips, fighting for the rights of illegal aliens--unknowingly and feloniously aided by a Columbian ally—but undermined by a staircase of politicians and political platforms that escalates to the Presidency and the future Presidency.

ISBN: 9781598009217. Read more or purchase at or

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