Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Authors Read a Humorous Book

For those who missed my humorous reading of Email Episodes on Lillian Brumett's radio show Authors Read, you can listen now....

I wrote this book when I was going through midlife crisis and raising two teenagers and a few odd house guests. I ended up getting a divorce by the end of the book, and while that is sad, I was in terrible denial. I managed my way through it by using humor as a distraction. It was cheap therapy--what more can I say?

Want to laugh at a mom and daughter as they clean up a tomato soup with a dirty shop vac? I read that story on Lillian's show, and it's in the book.

The inventory list of all the reptiles my teenagers raised in our basement is included in the book and on this radio show.

Listen to the show and find out what happens when you feed lightning bugs to a beaded dragon lizard. Hint: a box of tissues will be needed.

What happens when teenagers clean their rooms? Find out in the book or on this show.

Want to know why women should not become amateur plumbers? Believe it or not, it's on the show and in the book.

What do you find when you clean out the refrigerator? Find it in the book or on the show. Surprised aren't you?

If you would like copy of this eBook, send an email to writer at yvonneperry dot net (hopefully you can decipher the code and the email spam generators can't) and I'll invoice you via PayPal for $3.00. That's a pretty cheap (inexpensive) laugh. The short entries make it a great bathroom read if you can get your computer to balance on the edge of the bathtub. If not, I have a few dinged paperback copies I'll sell for $5.00 each plus postage.


Yvonne Perry

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