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Here are some announcements from our readers of Writers in the Sky Newsletter this month:

Author Solutions, Inc., the creators of Wordclay, just launched another free service I think your readers and listeners would be interested in. It’s called AuthorTree, and it’s a free Website creation service. It’s available for any author to use, regardless of their publisher. The service allows authors to add a variety of features to their Website, including author biographies, detailed book information, book reviews, excerpts, a calendar of author events, ordering capabilities, a link-sharing tool and a blog. For more information and to start building your author Website, visit

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$1,000 for the First Chapter of a Novel? Now That's a Writing Contest!

The third annual Writing Show First-Chapter-of-a-Novel Contest is awarding $1000 for the best first chapter of an unpublished novel. We're also offering four other cash prizes and ten 750-word critiques. Early deadline May 20, 2008; late deadline June 20, 2008. Winners announced on October 1, 2008. Full rules, instructions for entering, and more detail can be found on The Writing Show Website at

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The Morning Nudge is sent each morning to subscribers of Suzanne Lieurance’s list. Her words to inspire are to motivate you to get a little writing done each day. To become a subscriber, email Suzanne at or visit her Web site:

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Elizabeth “Bo” Drury is a writer of short stories and has one completed book length story ready to submit to an agent or publisher. She wrote a column for a small town newspaper for several years before trying her hand at fiction. Her work can be seen on Authors Den and Long Story Short, an e-zine publisher.

Elizabeth recommends:OUR GOLDEN YEARS For those of you who are approaching the golden era of your life and for those of us who have already made it, congratulations. So many have not been as fortunate as we have been. We’ve survived the tender years of growing up, adolescence, first loves, losses and disappointments, wars, weddings, children, and now retirement. Some have been successful, others have just skimmed by, but here we are equal in our needs, and we all have them. What to do now that we have made it thus far? How to cope with problems we face in declining years? A gentleman writer I came in contact with recently has a collection of books he has written, filled with truth, humor, and facts that removes the sharp edges from the reality of our shared dilemma. Three books: Senior Moments, More Senior Moments, and Years of a Million Dreams by David W. Silva are well worth reading; you get so much for so little. Available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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Free Phone Seminar on the Power of Ebooks

Only a few short years ago, E-Books were irrelevant. Today, E-Books have become an extremely powerful tool for test marketing a book, generating revenue, building up an e-mail list, producing leads for your business, starting a small business, generating greater profits and expanding your reach.

As a special gift to my subscribers and friends, I have persuaded David Riklan, the founder of and e-book marketing genius, to offer an exclusive free TeleSeminar on “The Power of E-Books and E-Book Marketing.” To sign up for this no-cost TeleSeminar, go to

David has developed an astonishing strategy using E-Books to help him generate massive revenue, increase traffic to his website and help build up an enormous email list of over 950,000 subscribers! In one 24-hour campaign, he generated $108,142 in revenue from E-Book sales alone. He has used this same E-Book strategy to help make his website the #1-ranked Self Improvement website on the Internet. now gets over 900,000 visitors a month.

In addition to the $108,142 he earned, he has used free E-Books to generate many thousands of qualified subscribers and even used his first E-Book to test market his successful print book. Best of all... he created an informative useful E-Book from scratch in less than one week! Sound enticing? During this informative free TeleSeminar, he’ll teach you how you can do the exact same thing -- and more!

Whether you are an author, a small business owner, or have a great book in your heart, an effective E-Book strategy is necessary to skyrocket you to success in 2008! He only has room for 100 of my subscribers and friends to attend this exclusive seminar, so sign up fast while space is still available. To sign up now, go to

E-mail Carol Denbow:
Free monthly e-zine A Book Inside Book reviews on request, query first

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Yvonne Perry will be leading a workshop for the Tennessee Writers Alliance 3rd Annual Writer's Conference. She will present two, 1.5-hour workshops on Book Promotion in the Digital Age: Online Book Marketing.

Other experts include: Bill Brown, Author, Vanderbilt Professor (poetry); Gloria Ballard, Author, Journalist for the Tennessean (creative non-fiction); Lantz Powell, Author, Owner/Agent of Literary Agency for Southern Authors; (What Agents Want) Tamara Baxter, Author, ETSU Professor (Manuscript Critique); Tracy Crudup, Author (Romance genre); Jimmy Carl Harris, Author, Professor Southeastern Louisiana University (Write Risky-Fiction).

The 2008 conference will be held at Battleground Academy in Franklin, TN June 6th (1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.) and June 7th (9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) To register for the conference, go to

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The Future of the Book: Traditions of Today Meet the Technology of Tomorrow

Bookhitch is close to releasing its community book. This book is is the creative result of the bookhitch Community Book Project. It represents a unique concept whereby many different authors wrote the plot line and our community voted how the story would progress. This book embodies inventive collaboration and the future of the publishing industry, containing technological advances throughout.

Every Book includes RFID Tags, QRCode Technology, and is printed using state-of-the-art equipment using environmentally friendly techniques and paper. It is not only distinct in its features and overall concept, but it represents a worthwhile cause: all of the profits from the sale of each book are being donated to educational organizations.

We have just launched our sneak peek page, where you can take a look at the current cover design and find more information about QRCode technology and RFID tags. Visit for more information.

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Many people set out to create a freelance writing career for themselves. Yet, somewhere along the way they get discouraged and give up. They give up because they can't stay focused and they don't know the correct steps to take to create the career they're longing for. Also, they have no idea of what they should be doing and when they should be doing it.

If you're ready to learn how to stay focused, ready to learn what you need to do in order to build the writing career of your dreams, and ready to learn when you should take each step to create this career, here is the help you need. My new Working Writer's Summer Bootcamp will lead you step by step, through three months of intensive training to create the writing career of your dreams.

Only ten writers will be accepted into this program. These ten writers will work together closely over the summer. They will participate in weekly 55-minute group coaching teleclasses and in weekly manuscript critique telesessions. They will start building a freelance writing career right away!

Register for Working Writer's Summer Bootcamp before all ten spaces are filled. Sign up Here Today! Boot camp starts Monday, June 2, 2008. Email Suzanne Lieurance: or visit her on the Web: .

**************** **************** is the leading Social Networking site for Independent Authors to promote their books, attract new readers, and connect with fellow writers. The gateway for writers to tap into a worldwide audience through audio and video, biography, inspirations and excerpts from their books and from their hearts. What's more, readers can discover hidden gems—truly without boundariesthat just are not available at traditional booksellers and other venues. Now finally, unheard voices and untold stories can be shared and heard, savored and enjoyed. NothingBinding unites Authors and Readers everywhere, across the globe. The strength of the independently published book is the great numbers of authors and readers around the world, that log on from near and far to congregate at

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Online book publicity workshop June 2-27, 2008, helps authors build buzz.

Got a book coming out you want to promote? Has your publisher’s publicist moved on to other projects? Do you have a book in stores that you know deserves more media attention than it’s getting? Do you need to know more about book promotion for your next book proposal? You need “Book Publicity 101: How to Build Book Buzz,” a dynamic online course taught by a veteran publicist and author.

Offered June 2-27, 2008, the class is taught in a forum format, with lessons and homework assignments posted online in a private, password-protected forum. The highly-interactive course covers:

· How to create a book publicity blueprint you’ll be excited about
· The single secret most authors don’t know about generating ongoing media exposure
· The most effective and cost-efficient publicity tactics
· How to generate buzz online using virtual book tours and other techniques
· Radio and TV producer hot buttons
· How to bring an energizing new level of creativity to your publicity efforts

Students receive instructional materials and resources and complete weekly assignments that help them discover how easy it is to create book buzz. Student interaction on the forum offers fresh perspectives and new ideas for all participants while one-on-one instructor guidance and input takes your work to the next level. A free-for-all Q&A corner lets students get answers to questions not covered in the course materials, making this a highly-personalized learning experience for nonfiction and fiction authors.

The class is taught by Sandra Beckwith, a recovering award-winning publicist; publisher of the free e-zine Build Book Buzz; and author of three books, including two on publicity topics.

Registration is $179 and limited to 20 students. Send course inquiries to Beckwith at or register at

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