Friday, April 11, 2008

TGIF April 11, 2008! Meri Lee Testa talks about depression

Meri Lee Testa will be joining us on Writer’s in the Sky Podcast April 11th, 2008!

Ever since she was a little girl, Meri Lee Testa felt different from other children—like a misfit who didn’t belong. It wasn’t until her Dad's passing in 1983 that she discovered that she had been adopted from the St. Vincent's Foundling Home for Children in 1954.

As an adult, she and her husband wished to start a family. But after three years of trying in vain to have a child, they resorted to fertility specialists. After spending much of their savings trying to get pregnant using fertility drugs, it was determined that the only way they were going to become parents was thru adoption. Even amidst the joy of raising her newly adopted son, Meri Lee dealt with the symptoms of depression that had plagued her all her life.

In 2001, her aging mother began declining from Alzheimer’s and a substance abuse problem. As an only daughter, it was very difficult for Meri Lee to see only a shell of the Mom she once knew.

Meri Lee found it more and more difficult to pick him her son at school in the afternoon. It was a struggle for her to be in public and to do the normal everyday tasks of being a Mom and wife. To simply do the grocery shopping or cleaning the house was nearly impossible. The next thing she knew, she was drowning in the turbulent waters of severe depression. No longer able to deal with her life, Meri Lee attempted suicide three times. Thankfully, she was rescued each time.

As a result of her turmoil, she believes she is a better and stronger woman, mother, and wife. Through her ordeal, she developed a renewed sense of God in her life as she wrote and published her book Choosing the Color.

On April 11, Meri Lee will discuss her life’s journey and her book Choosing the Color on Writers in the Sky Podcast.

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One person suffering from depression might have trouble sleeping while another has trouble doing anything but sleeping. Appetite can also be affected by depression. Some people eat more to fill up the hole they feel inside themselves. Others just stop eating at all.

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