Sunday, March 02, 2008

Positive Force against Gang Involvment

I am proud to announce that another client of Writers in the Sky has been published. Tim Stewart's book POSITIVE FORCE was accepted by Nightengale Press and is now available on!

The book is geared toward young adolescents and teens, but I assure you adults will love this book--especially those who work in law enforcement, drug task force, teen crisis counseling or other services that reach out to young people tempted to join gangs.

Here is a synopsis:

Officer Brandon James had been the head of Oakwood's gang commission for a relatively short time. In that time, however, he had made great strides against the five gangs in the city. The one thing that Officer James could not put his finger on was the tall red headed kid that had just appeared without warning. "The Red Headed Stranger" as they called him was part of the reason he had had so much early success. The kid would show up at gang activity, bring it to a peaceful resolution, then disappear, just as fast as he had shown up. Things were going well.

Officer James had met a lovely nurse named April who was also looking for the red headed kid, but for different reasons. They both were single parents with teenagers. All was going well until someone put a million dollar bounty on the family of Officer James.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed the Chief, not hiding the emotion that was welling up in his eyes. The camera panned to the front of the damaged building. The scene showed two firemen with yellow oxygen tanks on their backs and fully covered with protective gear and masks. They were carrying a small, black body bag suspended between them. They placed the bag on the ground.

Officer James came running hysterically into camera range shouting, "Michael! Tommy!" He threw his arms around the bag and began sobbing uncontrollably. The cameramen, in their disregard for human suffering, panned in on the distressed officer for a close-up. The boys watching the scene on television were in shock. Who had killed the children of Officer James? Who was the red headed kid, and why was he there? What is Positive Force and how will it overcome all this negative action?

Editor Yvonne Perry gives this book five starts for character and story development and well-written drama. "This book is movie material!"

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