Tuesday, February 12, 2008

NIGHTENGALE NUGGETS: Soup-to-Nuts Publishing Service

by Valerie Connelly

Nightengale Press
 has developed an all-inclusive SOUP-TO-NUTS PUBLISHING SERVICE.
Whether you are an author of a fiction title, a non-fiction title, a children’s book or a business person who needs a book to support your business, you need the editing, proofreading, layout and design, and printing and production of your book to just happen.

Every author is looking for a quality publishing partner who knows the industry and can be trusted to deliver a quality book for reasonable prices. You need someone who meets agreed-upon deadlines, works with integrity and can manage the project soup-to-nuts, so you are free to handle your many marketing responsibilities with the confidence that your book will be a top quality work. In short, you need all the publishing services in one place, so you can focus on marketing your book and not the work of publishing your book.

FACT #1: Books are rarely publication-ready when they leave the hand of the author. Books always require careful editing and proof-reading to make them all they can be before they are designed and printed.

FACT #2: Most authors don’t have the time and resources (editing and proofreading can cost several thousand dollars at the customary hourly rate) to seek out and pay for all the people they need to help them publish a book. So, they skimp on some important items, such as editing and proofreading. Typically, writers think they can self-edit, and there are many who encourage them to do so. However, there is nothing better for a book than a pair of trained eyes which are not emotionally and intellectually immersed in the book.

Nightengale Press takes the worry and work out of the process. You will need to approve some things as the book develops, but you won’t be bothered by a pesky account rep asking you to spend hours and hours finding your own typos.

Read more about SOUP-TO-NUTS PUBLISHING SERVICE at http://nightengalepress.biz/

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