Saturday, December 15, 2007

Wide Open Spaces for Jim Palmer

Writers in the Sky Newsletter Subscriber, Jim Palmer, has a message for this writing community:

Hey friends, I went to Amazon today and it says my book Wide Open Spaces is stocked and ready for shipment. Yikes! Well, I guess that's just one of the laws of the publishing world: the author is the last one to find out. Anyway, a few things I'm asking you to consider if you plan on getting the book. If you can, get it either on Amazon or in a Barnes and Noble store. Barnes and Noble is doing a special in-store display the first 14 days of its release, and so it would help things all around by getting the book from them. Getting the book off Amazon is also helpful because it influences the Amazon ranking, which influences general perceptions about the book.

Let me share my heart on this if I may. I really hope Wide Open Spaces breaks out into the wider awareness and conversation of the reading public. Since writing Divine Nobodies and the people who have contacted me, I have interacted with an endless number of people for whom organized religion has been a barrier to their desire to know God. a lot of people get stuck at that point in this sort of anti-religion, anti-church, anti-God thing. its easy to stall out in that phase where you are quite sure you know what it's not. but this begs the question: then what is it? What is the alternative? Whereas Divine Nobodies was the "shedding religion" part of the journey, Wide Open Spaces is speaking to an alternative - the alternative of knowing God beyond the typical configurations and mentalities of religion. Freedom!

So, it would help me if you would consider:
1. Reading the book and sharing your feedback and input with me. I really want this to be a conversation.
2. Blog or email friends to give folks a head's up that the book is out.
3. Take the initiative to get multiple copies of the book (Christmas gifts?) and give them out among the folks with whom you have this conversation. (if money is a barrier, contact me and I'll send you some copies)
4. Leave me a review on Amazon

Just to let you know, I respond to every email, never turn down a request to get together with folks face-to-face within a reasonable drive distance, and I'm game for traveling if groups of people want to sit down and have a conversation about this stuff. I'm doing a book tour from December 6-15, and in the process of writing the next book, but I will do every thing within my power to interact with folks about Wide Open Spaces (or Divine Nobodies). If you send along an email or blog about the book here are a few helpful links for people to explore it:

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Bryan Allain said...

Hey Yvonne, cool site.

Not sure if you're a sports fan or not, but Jim Palmer has just joined the roster of writers at my sports/faith site Prayers For Blowouts. your readers can check it out if they get a chance...

Good job with the blog, keep it up!