Sunday, October 21, 2007

Willow Smoke by Amanda Burns

Title: Willow Smoke
Author: Amanda Burns
Genre: Contemporary romance--very romantic romance
Publisher: Awe-struck E-books, Inc.
Description: "When the chips are down, there's nobody there."

Willowy blond apprentice horse trainer Daisy Matthews has survived the Chicago streets with this mantra. She's not looking for love--she just wants to lose her virginity before she turns twenty-one. Wealthy forty-ish canoe builder Nicholas Underwood is thrust into Daisy's life when he receives a thoroughbred in payment for a bad debt, so she forges a deal: she'll teach him about horseracing if he'll teach her about sex. When great sex morphs into true love, Daisy panics. Feeling trapped between Nick who wants to marry her and a brother-in-law who wants her to fleece Nick, she escapes to the familiar Chicago streets.

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Release date: Friday, September 14, 2007
ISBN: 978-1-58749-623-3
Formats available: html, PDF, Mobipocket, Palmpilot, MSReader, and pocketpc
Retail price: 4.99--on special for two weeks after release at 4.29!

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