Sunday, October 28, 2007

Stem Cell Author Presents Facts to Public

My book signing for RIGHT TO RECOVER Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America was a terrific success, thanks to my publicist, Chuck Whiting who set up the event and made sure everything was in place and on time. He even called me a few hours before my appearance to make sure I was staying calm and to assure me that the audio/visual equipment I needed for my presentation would be there.

Tom Shinness did a great job with the fabulous music he provided. If you missed hearing this talented performer, you can listen to soundclips or purchase his CDs at Speaking of music, Chuck also wrote and beautifully performed Right to Recover—a song written especially for the occasion. I hope to have this posted as an mp3 file. We are looking for someone to sponsor some studio time for a professional recording.

Nashville Attorney Mary Parker spoke as a representative for the John Edwards presidential campaign. John and Elizabeth Edwards are strong supporters for blastocystic stem cell research. As Elizabeth would say about blastocystic stem cell research, "It's either trash or research! Make a choice."

Reverend Dan Bloodworth shared his reasons for why he believes his son can be cured with a treatment or technology resulting from stem cell research. His Biblical was well received by the crowd who gathered that rainy evening.

My parents drove from Atlanta to support me in this venture. Mom helped with the refreshments and decorations, and Dad assisted as a greeter to make sure everyone in the store knew they were invited to our party. Taryn Simpson and Barbara Milbourn of Writers in the Sky team came out to show their support. Mindy Schwartz took the event photos shown here.

Thank you to everyone who came to support me on October 23. What a blessing to work with such loving and giving people. If you would like a copy of RIGHT TO RECOVER, please ask your bookstore to order it. Or you may purchase the book online:

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Hal said...

Sorry I missed that wonderful book signing Yvonne. I did write something for you on my Sunday blog.
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