Thursday, October 25, 2007

Poetry Corner October 2007!

By Timothy J. Stewart

The old man met the little girl
In a simple sort of way.
He just slipped into her life
When no one was there to play.

She was on her first legs,
He was standing on his last.
There was going to be a special bond,
And it had to happen fast.

He had as many stories
As there were stars up in the sky
Some would make her laugh,
Some would make him cry.

Every day he came to visit,
She looked on him with awe
His stories helped her young mind
See everything he saw

Then one day he didn’t come,
She knew the reason why
He went to see the angels
And so, she didn’t cry

He always told her stories
Of Heaven’s Love right from the start
And now, though he was gone away
He would live forever in her heart.

Timothy J. Stewart is the author of a novel being published by Nightengale Press Positive Force—a book that offers teenagers a positive alternative to gang involvement.

This Memory

His muscular arms, and hands caress me,
We embrace, and I feel secure
This memory.....I cry in silence,
I can no longer feel the security once there,
I cry in silence,
No more caressing, my heart intimately,
No more flesh to flesh,
Sigh.....Just this memory.....

Feon Davis ( is an inspiring writer and resident of Morehead City, North Carolina. She loves writing compassionate poems, rather Christian, inspirational. She started writing when she was nine years old. Miss Davis has published poems online for all to read along with a series of books, and gift items available for purchase at her site.

Simple Awareness

Beneath My Surface
Lies A World Of Dreams
That Rest In Complete Freedom
Digging Within Me I Feel My Other Selves Filled With
The Energy Of Love I’m Covered In The Warmth Of Unity
Knowing There Is More To Me Than Force Filled Traditions
And Distorted Beliefs
Rejoicing In Discovery My Focused Self Jumps Into My Illusion
With New Vision
Answering Old Question With New Thoughts
Kissing My Collective Consciousness
With Lips Of Remembering
I Grow In The Simple Awareness
Of Synchronicity

Hal Manogue, Poet And Author. From the 2008 Collection of Short Sleeves A Book For Friends

Rising Star

Had time not been cruel
I’d hitch my rig to your rising star
As you follow your dream.
How high you might soar
In the milky blue skyway
To taste the adrenaline
Of each starlight beam.

This is your time to
Brighten the heavens,
To dance among millions and
Try to outshine
Every shimmering sun
Spreading light to her planets
While sipping the nectar
Of sparkling wine.

Nothing can tether
Your high-flying spirit.
Grace is your partner
In this silent run.
I’ll stand in your shadow,
Bask in your glory.
My time has passed.
Yours has only begun.

Blessings Abound

My humble life has been so blessed
In myriad of ways,
I offer up a thankful prayer
For every breath I take.
So many acts of thoughtfulness
And debts I must repay
To friend or foe or family
Or just for kindness sake.

I lift my gaze up to the clouds
And somewhere far beyond,
To all of those who’ve gone before,
Who entered Heaven’s gate,
Who searched for something to believe
But ended all too soon,
And took with them a comfort
That had always been their fate.

Blessings are not hard to find,
They’re scattered all around.
One only needs to look inside
To see where they abound.

Dennis Martin began writing plays and submitting them to the local playwright’s festival when he turned 40 years old. He has written 13 plays –several of which have been presented as staged readings in the Baltimore Playwright’s Festival. Dennis has written over 800 poems and self-published a book of poems titled “Love and Passions” available at and major online bookstores as well as 6 other poetry collections and 3 novels available at Read more about Dennis at or blog with him at

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