Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Only Moments

Only Moments was originally written within the cyclical theme of Birth, Death, and Rebirth over ten years ago. The author, Nick Oliva, focused on the unforgiving world, the false hope of technology and religion, incorporating one’s own search and questioning of the spiritual aspects that provide some measure of meaning, and then tying it into the romance of total devotion of man and wife. Some might call it a fairy tale romance, but there are many “high school” relationships that have survived the test of time, however difficult. These two characters are both heavily flawed but those flaws are what binds and drives them with their deep passion for music.

Here is what Nick says:

The road, throughout the novel is representative of one’s life path and sense of curiosity and discovery. I spent years coming close to the publication of this book and eventually put it on hold for years until I was motivated to attempt it once more.

As time went by, I realized that I had to include the events of the World Trade Towers but

needed to wait until it wouldn’t seem as if I was using those events just to capitalize on public sentiment. As it turns out, the waiting was for the better. The characters lived in New York City at this time and it gave me a chance to expand upon the themes echoed throughout the book as well as break a few rules and show a glimpse of the secondary character in her own words. I’m sure I will receive much criticism for the breach, but I don’t care, as rules are made to be broken occasionally. Considering those who do the criticizing most of the time, those critics usually have nothing to show and have taken no chances in the fields that they critique.

This book contains many real events and is semi-autobiographical. The writing began with the Big Sur and California coastal highway trip at age 16. This juvenile escapade radically changed and redeveloped my core perspectives of life. The turning point of the book that alters time is the “rebroadcast” of the very first 1971 “The Midnite Special” television program that I indeed did attend as a part of the studio audience, blue fringe jacket and all. That took place on my second trip in the summer of 1971 with a good friend, Tom and a brand new Chevy Vega that blew up four times in Wakeeney, Kansas. I placed it in 1970 to create the alteration of time from the beach deck in Florida to the beachfront in California. There are other slight changes to accommodate a deceased artist (Janis Joplin) that I wanted to use in the finale. A previously written section described the huge outdoor concert called the Atlantic City Pop Festival that precluded Woodstock. I attended this in 1969, but edited that section out to streamline the reading and keep the essential plot moving. The performance from this concert I morphed into fiction as the broadcast videotape to be able to still use it later on in the “passing over” sequence.

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Carma's Window said...

All I can say is Wow. Very impressive. The similarity between fact and fiction are always so close.

I look forward to reading this book.