Saturday, August 18, 2007

Write On! Good News

This column celebrates the efforts and accomplishments of the Write On! Creative Writing Services team members.

Taryn Simpson is now a contributor to a startup magazine entitled "Ideas, Goals and Dreams", located in San Francisco, CA. The zine will be distributed nationally after the 3rd issue and after 4th issue will be distributed internationally.

Taryn is also a blogger for HUB and The Writer's Block. Visit her and leave a comment on either site. Hub link: The Writer's block link:

Taryn was also chosen as "Freelancer of the Week" for Freelancers Union. Her interview appeared online at the last week of July. You can read it there or in this newsletter.
Barbara Milbourn has been busy improving her editing and writing skills. In the last 18 months she has read nineteen books on writing and attended three writing workshops. The last one was an amazing week in Taos, New Mexico with Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down the Bones (and nine other books). She is presently taking a Grammatika Course - The Essentials of Proofreading and plans to take more editing courses, especially developmental editing, as soon as she finishes with Grammatika. Her long term goal is to get her MFA in English Literature or Writing.
After reading a book by Suzanne Gilad titled Copyediting & Proofreading for Dummies Barbara interviewed the author for our podcast. You may listen to her show here:

Kate Garvey has written an informative eBook on ways to prevent animal abuse. It is gaining grass-root momentum at veterinary schools in the Midwest. This book is easy to read, based on research and available FREE OF CHARGE. It is ideal for anyone concerned about animal welfare. For more information, please view Kate's blog site


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