Thursday, August 23, 2007

What is a Virtual Book Tour?

A virtual book tour is a way to have a book tour, without leaving your home or the extreme expense of traveling to visit book stores. Instead, a virtual book tour gives you a chance to visit blogs around the world. Each blog you visit, will expose your books to different visitors who have a wide variety of interests.

The author doesn’t have to travel to the store to share information about their book and potential readers can learn about your book in more detail from the comfort of their home. More and more people are shopping and researching their future purchases online, so offering this kind of exposure for books online makes a lot of sense.

Each tour stop is scheduled for a different day. The author visits each blog and this simply means that the blog owner has asked the author a list of questions or they may chose to share a chapter or an excerpt from the book. Various blog hosts give additional dimension to the tour. Each blog host will pose different questions and this can offer a lot of variety to the tour.

Each day of the tour gives potential readers a wealth of information about the author, their experience, and their book. Many of these days, the tour stops are posted on a blog and we invite blog readers to ask questions. You can post your question on the blog or email the author. We love to hear from people who are interested in our books. In these days where the cost of gas is increasing, this is a great way to meet different authors and to learn much more about their books.

Dorothy Thompson and Nikki Leigh have arranged Yvonne Perry’s virtual book tour for RIGHT TO RECOVER Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America.
Here is the schedule. I hope you will stop by and leave a comment on any or all of these blogs:

Sept. 3 – The Writer’s Life
Sept. 4 – Pump Up You Online Book Promotion
Sept. 5 – Family, Fun and Faith –
Sept. 6 – Plug Your Book
Sept. 7 – Be My Guest!
Sept. 10 – The Story Behind the Books
Sept. 11 – Start with the Facts –
Sept. 13 – Start at the Beginning -
Sept. 14 – Publishing Secrets for Authors -
Sept. 17 – Straight from the Author’s Mouth
Sept. 18 – Inspired Author Self Promotion -
Sept. 20 – Author Talks
Sept. 24 - Cheryl Malandrinos -
Sept. 25 – Judge Cover -
Sept. 27 – Muze’s Musings –

Nikki Leigh, Fiction Author
Promotional Consultant and Tour Coordinator
Author of Book Promo 101 – Basics of Book Promotion Nov 2007
Owner of S & C Consulting –

Nikki Leigh is the pen name of Shri Henkel, who has over 20 years of business management and over 16 years of promotional experience. This background has been very helpful with the business books written by Shri Henkel. She has eight books in print and several more scheduled for release in 2007.

Under her pen name, she writes fiction and is releasing the first book in the Book Promo 101 series. She offers a wide range of business, writing, ghostwriting services, in addition to promotional services and virtual tour coordination for writers. Feel free to contact Nikki for more information at


Writer4762 said...

I'm so glad you posted the schedule. I look forward to seeing how the tour goes! I'll be sure to visit each site.

You go girl!

Nikki Leigh - Author said...

Hi Yvonne

The post looks great and I can't wait for the tour to get started. We're going to have a fun and productive month :)

Nikki Leigh