Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Writer's in the Sky is Going to the Movies!

Here’s a real incentive to keep your eyes peeled for each new installment of the Writer’s in the Sky newsletter. We’ll soon be making an official announcement concerning the upcoming launch of our Short Adaptation Film Contest. Screenwriters, actors, directors and producers take notice. We’re on the verge of launching one of the most uniquely accessible and exciting film contests on record.

The rules are simple; shoot a short film based on a single scene from the Jamie Beckett novel, "Burritos and Gasoline." Pick any chapter you like, then hone in on the characters, location and plot point you’d most like to create for posterity on film.

Submissions will be accepted through March 21, 2008 - so get started early and avoid the last minute rush (remember your high school term paper, let’s not repeat that debacle). Especially with prizes of $1000 for the first place winner, $500 for second and $250 for the filmmaker whose efforts come in third. We want you to get excited, get motivated, and get your best work in on time!

An entry fee of only $25 will get you an autographed copy of "Burritos and Gasoline," a list of the pertinent rules and an official entry form. So tune up those script-writing skills and fire up your digital video camera. It’s time for you to get into the movie making business, with Writer’s in the Sky.

Watch your inbox for complete details.

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The Authors said...

Very exciting news! Will you be showing the winning clip on your site?