Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Book with a View- The Dark Dreamweaver

This month Reader Views is featuring two books for kids. The books were read/reviewed by kids – who else better than the kids themselves to tell their peers about the books they read. Check them out on our new website: Reader Views Kids

The Dark Dreamweaver (Chronicles of Remin)
Nick RuthImaginator Press (2007)

ISBN 9780974560359

Reviewed by Aja King (age 11) for Reader Views (6/07)

If author Nick Ruth wanted to keep me up at night and have me spend every available moment with my nose stuck in his amazing book, “The Dark Dreamweaver,” he totally succeeded! I usually prefer books about animals, especially horses, but this book got my attention right from the start and held on to it for three days. In fact, I have read it three times; I could not put this book down!

What really impressed me about this book is that it wasn’t a sad or scary story at all. There was no mention of doom or gloom. The magic in “The Dark Dreamweaver” seemed so real. It’s as if I was actually living the wizardry and the adventure. I felt like each page took me to new places with fun-filled characters. I felt I was living in a land of total magic.

What makes this read so great is it’s fast pace. I kept my nose and eyes on each word, making sure I didn’t miss a thing. It was so captivating that I would re-read a part I really liked. I simply could not get enough of the adventure and the book’s two main characters.
What really jumped out at me were the dreams in this book and how good and evil confronted each other. This kept my interest because adventure was on every page. The adventure in “The Dark Dreamweaver” was also inspiring. I could relate to the challenges the characters had. Although the title has the word “Dark,” it was not scary at all. I loved “The Dark Dreamweaver” and can’t wait to read the next book in the series!

I would highly recommend “The Dark Dreamweaver,” as it is extremely well-written for kids and adults. It is so well-written and captivating, that my Dad is reading it and he can’t put it down either!

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