Saturday, June 09, 2007

Write On! Creative Writing Services is hosting a contest!

Enter to win an autographed copy of A Trial of One, the third book in THE OSGOODE TRILOGY by Mary E. Martin

There are three books in THE OSGOODE TRILOGY:

  • Conduct In Question

  • Final Paradox

  • A Trial of One

They’re all about murder, fraud and love—a new angle in the mystery/suspense genre. Harry Jenkins is a most unlikely hero. The protagonist of all three novels is a middle-aged lawyer, who feels with dead certainty that life is passing him by. Trapped under his senior partner’s thumb and stuck in a dead marriage, he is desperate for change—almost any change. And don’t worry; the novels in the Osgoode Trilogy can be read in any order.

In Conduct in Question, when Richard Crawford, Harry’s elegant and refined senior partner, drops dead in the office, Harry is free to make his own mistakes. Circumstance calls Harry to outwit a brilliant serial killer, dubbed by the media as the Florist—a sadistic murderer who carves floral designs on the naked flesh of his young, female victims. His sadism is heightened by his obsession with carving beautiful line drawings—to rival the artistry of the painter Henri Matisse. And yet, paradoxically, this man struggles to experience a sense of compassion. As well, Harry is nearly suckered into a money-laundering scam, from which he must escape.

In Final Paradox and A Trial of One, Harry, relentlessly pursued by the mob, must unravel a complex fraud upon a fraud to find a huge sum of money for his elderly client, Norma Dinnick. As she teeters between madness and lucidity, Harry tries to make sense of Norma’s paradoxical claims. Is she a helpless victim or the perpetrator of the fraud? To beat these malevolent forces, Harry has to call upon powers and abilities he did not know he possessed—keen intelligence, intuition and moral conviction. But he does not have to accomplish all this alone. Lucky for him, with his wife gone, real love from the beautiful Natasha helps him on his journey and waits for him at the end of the trilogy. But don’t worry! The hunt for the money ends in Venice.

HOW TO WIN THE JUNE CONTEST? Answer this question:

In which novel, Conduct in Question or Final Paradox, is someone shot in open court?

You’ll find out by visiting where you’ll see a slideshow of the murder at Osgoode Hall. While you are there, sample some chapters of Conduct in Question and Final Paradox.

Also, to get you ready for A Trial of One, Yvonne Perry will be sending a progressive reading of chapter one via email to those who subscribe to the blog .

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