Friday, June 08, 2007

Video Trailer for Your Book

Leading book review website, Reader Views has launched a new service called PreViews. The PreViews mimic movie trailers for books in that they summarize the story in a short video format. The online video allows authors and publishers to share the books similar to the way movies advertise their upcoming films with previews. The Reader Views team is excited about providing their innovative book PreViews. The PreViews will likely change the way books are promoted in the future.

“There will be a number of ways to use PreViews as a promotional book marketing tool,” says Irene Watson, owner of Reader Views. “Aside from posting your PreView on our website, YouTube and our MySpace, you will have the rights to the video and may post it on your website, your MySpace, distribute it with your marketing materials or any other venue you choose to promote your book. It is truly something no author or publisher should be without.”

Publishers and authors are increasingly turning to these new PreViews for their books. Due to dramatizations and engaging narration, PreViews come off just like regular movie trailers only better because they can be viewed on personal websites and played as promotional footage and advertisements. There is no end to the possibilities.

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