Thursday, June 28, 2007

New $500 Writing Contest

Restore The Reputation of Little Goody Two Shoes Contest

Learning With Wisdom - The prize is $500.00

Since the year 1934 until the present-day the name; Little Goody Two Shoes, has been maligned, slurred and misused. It was one of the most famous, popular and influential children's/adults books of the eighteenth century. It had an unparalleled status for over two hundred years. Now Point of Life publishers have published a new, revised and renewed edition written by inspirational author Michael Levy. The title of the new book is - The Inspiring Story of Little Goody Two Shoes.

Rules are simple ... The prize is $500.00

Buy a copy of The Inspiring Story of Little Goody Two Shoes from any bookstore or online - ISBN Numbers 978-0-9668069-9-1. After reading the book write an accurate review of Goody Two Shoes many beneficial deeds for humanity. Submit the review to as many websites, blogs, journals, magazines, newspapers and any media outlet anywhere in the world that will publish your book review. The person who publishes the largest number of reviews will receive Five Hundred dollars. Their positive review will be published on the Point of Life website.

The contest starts on the 4th of July 2007 and will end midnight on the 31st December 2007.

The results will be posted on The Point of Life website on the 15th January 2008.

The winner will receive a check for $500.00.

Anyone can enter the contest from any country in the world where the law allows.

Contestants should send a copy of the sales receipt of the book along with their review ... Also the dates and places where their Goody Two Shoes book reviews are published to; Point of Life publishers by regular mail or email to In the event of a tie, a question will be asked ... Which page a certain sentence can be found. The first to reply will be the winner.The results will be conclusive and no disputes to the result will be considered.

Together we can rejuvenate the honor and dignity of a little girl who was a blessing to humanity .... When every child in the world embraces wisdom with learning all conflicts will cease and Little Goody Two Shoes will rest in peace.



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