Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Two Writers, Each a World Away from the Other Write a Novel

Imagine owning a restaurant near the jungles of Thailand that sits upon the most legendary, mystical road in the world. Legend states that whomever walks upon Loi Kroh Road will be forever changed or shall never be seen or heard from again. In fact, the English translation of Loi Kroh Road” is “Wash Your Bad Luck Away”.

A live shot of Loi Kroh Road - Chaing Mai, Thailand

"The Mango Tree Cafe', Loi Kroh Road", weaves it's way from the opening sentence to firmly gripping your heart until the very end. It's a book that I've read that I think about each day and it is also one of the few books that reduced me to tears at the end. It's touching, exciting, melancholy and wistful. It's also a book that I've co written with Alan Solomon.

I am located in Nashville, TN USA and Alan is located in Beijing, China. And, Alan used to own "The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road" in Chaing Mai, Thailand. This book is fictional but is based upon true life experiences of Alan.

I created a blog for this book as we were writing this book to "keep a diary" of all the nuances one goes through when writing a book. It details rewriting, editing, blogging, obtaining a copyright, marketing ideas, interviews and querying literary agents. As we speak, two agents in London, England are interested in reading sections of the book after I sent an email query.

The blog has also built a considerable international audience and has been featured at the International School of Beijing in China where the readership exceeds beyond 5,000.

I've also posted an excerpt of the book to give people an idea of what the book is about as well as the style.

To read more about our journey, click here: The Mango Tree Cafe', Loi Kroh Road.

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