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TGIF May 18, 2007 Author Kathleen Ernst

Kathleen Ernst is a gifted author, educator, and social historian. She has published twelve novels and one nonfiction book, and served as project director/scriptwriter for several instructional television series. When she's not busy researching and writing, she can be found teaching or providing presentations and workshops.

Today Kathleen joins Yvonne Perry on Writers in the Sky to discuss her book Hearts of Stone. This book can be ordered on-line or through any bookstore. ISBN 978-0525476863

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Kathleen lives in Middleton, Wisconsin, with her husband and cat. She grew up in Maryland, in a family that considered books as fundamental to life as food and water. She started writing as a child and never stopped! Today, she finds researching books as much fun as writing them.

Synopsis for HEARTS OF STONE:

With her father gone to join the Yankee troops and her best friend, Ben, sympathizing with the Confederates, fifteen-year-old Hannah finds her world torn apart by the Civil War. Then her mother suddenly dies. Now responsible for holding the young family together, Hannah makes the difficult decision to leave her beloved Cumberland Mountain with her brother and sisters and set out on the long and dangerous journey to Nashville, in search of their only living relative. Their quest to reclaim their family leads them into the very heart of the Civil War, and could cost them their lives.

In the second part of our interview Kathleen discusses her writing process. Find out which comes first, the plot or the character. Then, learn about her experience publishing with Dutton.

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