Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Little Good News

A Little Good News is a new column in Writers in the Sky Newsletter. The purpose of the column is to feature writers who work with the Write On Creative Writing Services team in order to let newsletter subscribers get to know the team better. Also, I'm very proud of my writers and they deserve a public pat on the back from time to time.

The newsletter is available at no cost to those who sign up for it at This month we are featuring Write On Creative Writing Services Staff writer, Kate Garvey.

Kate Garvey recently won a “Golden PJ’s” award for competing in the New Year’s article writer’s challenge. In February 2007, 26 writers from all over the United States accepted Kristin King and Suzanne Lieurance's challenge to write 30 articles in 60 days. Garvey was one of three writers to win the award for completing and publishing 30 articles within a two month period.

Kate quickly became known as the “Cat Lady” because her cat care articles are receiving so much attention. She continually ranks in the top 10 cat care experts, and her website receives more than 500 hits a month as people download free pet care tips.

Additionally, her article on rebuilding self-esteem received a 5-star rating on and has been reprinted (with permission) on numerous occasions. Kate has also been able to increase her writing business by writing articles and marketing material for a variety of small business owners including jewelry manufacturers and real estate professionals.

“I’d encourage anyone who wants to write to join a writer’s group, or an on-line writers challenge. It will help you build confidence, competence and increase your network and income.”
In addition to helping clients, Kate is actively working on a Cat Care book which she hopes to publish this summer or early fall. See for more information.

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