Thursday, May 03, 2007

Like This Rock

Hi Yvonne,

I enjoyed your podcast interview with Devra Ann Jacobs. I was impressed with her accomplishments with Mystic POP and I contacted her with one of my acrostic poems. She liked it and plans to include it in an upcoming issue. In honor of Earth Day, I wrote two poems. One I sent to Devra and the other is attached for you, should you choose to use it. Please use the new bio below the poem. Thank you. I hope you can use it, maybe in your blog.

Happy Earth Day,


Like This Rock

By Ken Vanderpool

As I sit here on this rock
Contemplating its beauty and its age,
I am compelled to consider its survival
Despite the involvement of our species.

Oh that all of Earth, like this rock,
Could survive our oblivious disrespect,
Fending off our abuse and depletion,
Along with natures own wearing away.

Humanity, rather than a supportive partner
Has provided the Earth with consumption.
Like an unabated wildfire engulfing the woodlands,
Mankind continues to squander our planet.

The Earth, in its attempt at survival,
Has already begun to defend itself.
Its response to our abuse was predictable,
For instinct teaches all living things to fight when attacked.

What will it take to awaken our understanding – to call us to action?
If we do not want all of Earth to look like this rock,
We must learn to stop and think, to reduce, to reuse and to recycle.
The generous home that has supported us for so long is pleading for our help.

Bio -

Ken lives just outside Nashville in Murfreesboro, TN. He has been a distribution manager for over 25 years and a covert poet/writer most of his life. An avid reader of novels, poetry, articles and almost anything in print, he has admired writers and their work for years and relishes creating work of his own. You can contact Ken at

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