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Poetry Corner April 2007

Poetry Corner is a regular feature in Writers in the Sky Newsletter published by Write On Creative Writing Services in Nashville, TN.

Poets are welcome to submit poems and a hyperlinked bio for each monthly issue of the eZine.

Here are the poems from April 2007 WITS Newsletter.


Waves spraying our faces for we don't walk the walk.
The beaches edge, which ever changes, is where we, Sky, earth, moon and sea meet.

Breezing through the strong breeze, the
Fuller our lungs, the lighter we'd run,
It was to be; with ease.

As reality, she and I stalked ourselves
In those shells silences, like when
We leaped from a slip on a rock to the next; well.
Then sitting still, we glistened, the sun splashing
Through us; as the ocean's and our salt were one.

Her thoughts and mine flowed,
Our feelings were its ebb and flow.
Nature, true, would not be unsung.

That blue gray cloudy day found us in the end.
Finding it by moon's ray, our ears to waves did lend.
It was as our footprints,
Truly there 'til tide did gently lift.
For, if it were that we held it,
Like sand grasped, it wouldn't be a gift.

James M. Nordlund is a mental health counseling supervisor by profession, into poetic revelation and workshop as individual and group therapeutic milieu. He is involved with A.A.P., I.A.W.A., A.P.R., Teacher's and Writer's Collaborative, I.W.W.G., Univ. of the Sts., Lummox, Nomad's Choir, Poet's House, St. Mark's Poetry Project, Beans About It, P.E.N. Friend, NAFPT. James is featured on his multi-art show, "Matutinally Watered Poetree" on Manh, cable, and other T.V. and radio shows. He has been a co-editor, assistant editor, written columns amd published over 400 works and is currently a regional editor for Poet To Poet, out of N.Y.C.. Submission, twigs of poetree.

Ragged, worn hands
Soft, curved lips
Trailing passion devours
Clashing at the hips

Fire engulfed touch
Blazing wild heat
Passion quenches flavor
Dancing to the beat

Hearts strum together
Hunger breaks free
Two souls unite
Flowing passionately

Passion fades from eager
To one spent night
Bodies clenched as one
Basking in love’s bright light

Shadows of Life

As I lie in the still of night
and gaze at a hollow sky,
I reflect on the story of my life.
Like the star that has been
singled out of a cloudy mist,
I dare shine and be heard
in a voiceless universe.
Like the bitter piercing breeze,
my feelings froze in the grasp of time.
Character and emotion cast
into the mere shell of what is.
Like the lonely owl’s cry,
I longed for my soul’s companion.
Like the fresh scent of a spring rain,
I yearn to be pure.
Life is but a dark universe
and I enlighten it’s shadows.

Danielle Sharp is a twenty-four year old aspiring author. She has been writing poems since the early 1990’s—many of them based on her true encounters. Danielle lives in Michigan with her wonderful husband of three years.

What to write, the block has come.
Where did ideas go, they were here yesterday.
Look to the sky, the ground, a building just to get hint.
There goes a car , a bird , a bug, nothing is coming.
There is a wall, big and unmovable.
There seems to be a crack but will it break.
It is small can bearly be seen.
Keep on looking and searching for a way in.
There it is, it is so close.
It's so hard to see but is it getting bigger.
Can't stop, must keep serching for it.
Can feel it, here it comes.
Its here, it was worth the search.
The block is gone.

Blank Paper

The pen goes down and it moves.
Not with guidance but by force.
Passion flows from the unknown.
Thoughts are private but must come out.
Whispers become shouts for all to hear.
Once passive, now agressive and sure.
They will know and hear.
Thoughts will be heard or be lost
Blank paper has been coloured.
All ears will be filled.
As the pen goes down and moves.

A Writer

Ideas are flowing in the mind.
Will there be the time?
So much to say, write it down.
So much to do , write it down.
Make a list, a story or two.
Will there be time?
Got to work, got to pay.
Got to come, got to go.
Round and round the same way.
Will there be time?
It's what I am and have to be.
It won't stand in front of me.
There will be time.

Lisa-Marie Mertineit lives in Brampton, Ontario Canada. She is new to the writing industry, but has always enjoyed writing and finds that ideas come easy. Mertineit has been working on short stories and different types of poetry and she loves to play on words.

Rest In Peace

Life is just too short
To play like it’s some kind of game
Once you play with death
Things will never be the same
The hand of death can come very sudden
Unexpectedly knocking at your door
It may take you off the road you are taking
And it may never let you come back to travel anymore
So you want to play around with guns
And risk losing your own life
You want to quote, give them what they deserve
And stab them in the back with a knife
Doing drugs, dying a slow death
Just so you can get high
Selling drugs, killing innocent people
Just for money so you can get by
To much anger, hate, and rage
To let it go and just be friends
But if we don’t stop the hurt and pain
When will all this killing end
Stop the killing among us
Or the death rate will continue to increase
To all my family and friends I’ve lost
May you all Rest in Peace

Jimmetta Carpenter is the Editor and Creator of the Free Fall Literary E-Zine. She has dedicated herself to the power of the words and given into her passion for writing and has been writing poetry officially since the age of ten. She has two books of poetry self-published through under the Pen name Gemini; one is titled “The Art of Love” and the other “Inside a Gemini’s Heart”.

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