Saturday, April 14, 2007

Nightengale Press Authors in the News!

Dr. Eric Kaplan, author of DYING TO BE YOUNG --- from Botox to Botulism, A True Story of Survival, will be featured on GOOD MORNING AMERICA May 10th. Tune in!

Author FRANK SOBO's new book DNA STEW is up for the BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD sponsoered by ForeWord Magazine. Good luck to Frank!

Author Dr. Eric Kapan's book DYING TO BE YOUNG is reviewed in FOREWORD MAGAZINE's May/June issue. At last a Nightengale Press author has made it into ForeWord!

Publisher Valerie Connelly gave a Keynote address for Women's History Month on March 29th at the Waukegan Illinois Recreational Center.

Three authors, Jodi Pliszka, Zara Griswold and Yvonne Perry will be represented by Bob Erdmann at the Frankfurt Book Fair in the Foreign Rights program. Their titles, BALD IS BEAUTIFUL, SURROGACY WAS THE WAY, and RIGHT TO RECOVER may be picked up for foreign distribution. Good luck to all three authors!


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Yvonne! That is awesome news! I'm a faithful viewer of GMA and will be watching for it.


Devon Ellington said...

Good luck to all of them!

I'm glad the discussion on Deborah's blog was helpful -- I love all these different points of view! It's part of what makes our career choice so fascinating.