Monday, April 23, 2007

King-Lieurance Article Challenge has ended

In February 2007 , 26 writers agreed to accept Kristin King and Suzanne Lieurance's challenge to write 30 articles in 60 days. The challenge came to a close on March 31, 2007 with three people reaching the goal. Yet, all the participants are winners because it challenged them to make an effort toward their goal of being a successful freelance writer.

Hal Manogue has written 30 articles and says:

The great part of this social event, is the challenge I put in front of myself. Each one of us is challenging ourselves for different reasons, different expectations, but all wanting to cross our own finish line with a feeling of accomplishment. That can not be measured in numbers, or words. Your thoughts create that finish line, which has not set place in time. I write every day, I know all of you do as well, that alone is reason to celebrate. Challenging ourselves is the definition of creativity, and each one of us deserve a naked statue.

With Chi,
Hal Manogue,
Poet And Author
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On Writers in the Sky Podcast Yvonne Perry will interview Suzanne Lieurance, the creator of the challenge, who will share tips on how to use article marketing to drive business to your Web site.

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Learn more about the King-Lieurance challenge or to be informed about the next article event here...

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