Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Book with a View March 2007

BOOK WITH A VIEW is a regular feature of Writers in the Sky (WITS) Newsletter published by Yvonne Perry and Write On Creative Writing Services.

This month we have several book reviews from Author’s Marketing Experts. Yvonne will be interviewing some of these authors on upcoming shows for Writers in the Sky Podcast.

The Dream Factory by Heather Hepler and Brad Barkley

This newest Young Adult novel from the writing team of Hepler and Barkley tells the story of a group of kids hired as replacement cast members during a workers' strike at Disney World. Overnight, an ice-cream scooper becomes Prince Charming, Robin Hood shows his true (obnoxious) colors, and an unlikely friendship develops between Cinderella and Dale (as in Chip and...).

Along the way are late-night parties where the Merry Men play quarters, trespassing in Cinderella's castle, a nacho-eating villain, egg-throwing strikers, and a chipmunk decapitation. What happens in Fantasyland stays in Fantasyland...

The Velvet Hammer, Powerful Leadership Lessons for Women Who Don't Golf
by Elaine Allison

If you saw The Devil Wears Prada, you'll understand why The Velvet Hammer is such a critical read for women who want to succeed in leadership roles. As author Elaine Allison has said, the Meryl Streep character in The Devil Wears Prada book and movie is a great example of the male-behaving female leader who is highly successful but alienates everyone on her own team.

This book helps every woman who wants to be a successful leader achieve their goal, without mimicking male leadership models.

The Velvet Hammer challenges women leaders to explore why and how they must lead differently than men. Using real life stories, examples and assessments, this fascinating book shows women how to be decisive and diplomatic, confident and compassionate, strong and supportive in any leadership role

Embracing Change: Transforming Life's Changes with Courage and Grace
by David Malin

In this book, Malin offers readers a refreshing new paradigm for understanding themselves. This humorous, easy-to-read guide includes specific ideas about how to deal with difficult transitions and life changes.

Embracing Change uses stories, creative metaphor, and wit to help people who are struggling with change; whether it is the transition to college or into the workplace, the challenging joy of having children, or learning to embrace retirement.

Each chapter can be read on its own, or returned to later, revealing new insights to readers at different stages in their lives. The book's fresh perspective will enable readers who are familiar with principles of self-reflection and self-healing to make new discoveries.

Cyber Lies, When Finding the Truth Matters
by John Lucich

Men and women cheat on their spouses at an alarming rate. Research shows that between 52 and 73 % of people are in a relationship with a cheater.

How do you find out if you are one of them? Do you know or suspect you are, but cannot prove it? Cyber Lies, By John Lucich, is your expert guide to get access to hidden and, until now, out or reach technical information that reveals what you need to know. (Dr. Luanne Linquist, MFT, MCC)

Cyber Lies was written for the spouse or parent who has limited knowledge of computers. It places the power of computer forensics in your hands, which will enable you to access and review data stored on computers or cell phones. Cyber Lies will educate and empower people to find the truth.

The Laws of Thinking, 20 Secrets to Using the Divine Power of Your Mind to Manifest Prosperity
by E. Bernard Jordan

Have you caught the two Oprah shows on The Secret? If you have, you'll definitely be interested in The Laws of Thinking. This book details more than just the power of positive thinking‹it delves into all of the divine laws that make prosperity manifestation possible, including the laws of attraction, risk, mind, humility, planning, and money.

Bishop Jordan has authored more than 40 books, and is among a handful of technology-savvy religious figures who use podcasts and streaming video to reach his large congregation. He has also been on national TV, and is anxious to be interviewed about this book. If you'd like to do an interview please let me know; has available either as an e-mail or on-phone interview.

Winning or Losing the Financial and Retirement Race
by Robert Lamoreaux, JD.

The author if a successful attorney who has specialized in estate and financial planning throughout his career. Winning or Losing is a guide he created to help prepare readers with the information needed to secure a financial future.

With all of the issues surrounding Social Security, Lamoreaux book is becoming a must-read for anyone who wants to retire with a financially secure future. Among the topics covered are money management, investing, taxes, insurance, and assisted living.

Fort is one of the judges on a British TV show similar to our Top Chef.

Rich by Choice
by Erlend Peterson

Building your riches, your financial independence, is not as hard as most people imagine. When you know how money works, you see that accumulating money is a simple process and easy to work with. Investing money and portfolio strategies are discussed thoroughly. There are many routes to success.

Becoming rich is a process that takes time. You can start at any time, and obviously the sooner you start the more you will have. The first step is to start investing money out of every paycheck. Tax deferred retirement plans or IRAs are ideal for this. Taxes are an expense; tax advice and planning can minimize taxes. Investment strategies and insurance needs are covered. College funding, retirement income planning and estate plans are all discussed thoroughly.

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