Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love Speaks A Different Language

Happy Valentines Day!
May your day be filled with love and kindness!

I'd like to share a poem about love written by Hal Manogue. "Love" is from his upcoming 2008 collection of Short Sleeves.


Love Speaks A Different Language
It Has No Country Of Origin
No Dictionary Filled With Symbols
It Is Not Black Or White Or Controlled By Polarity Poles
Or Waves of Electromagnetism
It Rides Freely In The Flow Of Consciousness
Always Present Ready and Able To Be What I Am
Following Me And Leading Me
Shaking Me But Never Breaking Me
Surrounding Me Protecting Me
Understanding What Is Making Me Forget The Basic Part Of Me
That Is Universality
It’s Form Is Free A Star A Tree All Are Me
Put Inside Dimensionality

Hal Manogue, from the 2008 Collection of Short Sleeves A Book For Friends. Available in September 2007.

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Hal said...

Happy Valentine's Day Yvonne! I appreciate you!