Thursday, January 11, 2007

Want to know more about Self=Publishing?

Struggled with landing a publisher for your masterpiece?
Wondered if self-publishing is for you?
Like the idea of keeping control of the rights, the timetable, the process AND most of the profits?

Who wouldn't?

Self-publishing is a hot subject these days, which is why I recently interviewed Peter Bowerman, author of the award winning "Well-Fed Writer" series AND his brand new release, "The Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living."

Listen to our interview here.

In our interview, Peter discussed how his two WFW titles have yielded 50,000 copies in print and full-time living for five-plus years. Now, he's put all the how-to details of that accomplishment in his Well-Fed Self-Publisher product line. You're going to want these tools.

Check them out here!

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