Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ten Commitments for Men

In the beginning of each year, about 100 million Americans venture down a well-traveled road paved with intentions of hastily envisioned New Year's resolutions. Successful resolutions occur when commitments are made for an actual change, not a one-time attempt to change a habit.

Susanne Blake and Tom Massey offer successful ways to create a balance in ones live with ten simple commitments in their recently published books. Susanne and Tom are interviewed in a special edition to help us make the commitments for the New Year on:

Ten Commitments for Men

Tom Massey
Robert D. Reed Publishers (2006)
ISBN 193174159X
Reviewed by William E. Cooper for Reader Views (11/06)

Listen to live interview with Tom Massey on:

Tom Massey, who is a long time corporate leadership trainer, has produced a truly excellent book on how to navigate through life with commitments to high standards, integrity, enthusiasm, and good health. His ten points offer a roadmap based on wisdom and experience, his and others. The book is well written and organized, at the same time being an enjoyable read.

The ten commitments Mr. Massey lists and describes are really what it takes to not only lead, but live your life to its fullest with honor and dignity. The criticality of each commitment cannot be overemphasized, and by combining all ten the practitioner lives the behaviors and models them to everyone. It has been demonstrated that people who associate with negative people themselves become negative and cynical. One’s attitude is a choice, solely that of the individual, and the commitments in Mr. Massey’s book are the guide to follow. While they are nothing new, they are what is necessary. Every successful person over the ages has believed in and practiced these commitments.

It has been said that once a person stops learning, they languish in the past, while one who commits to continuous learning and improvement stays current and able to live well and contribute at a higher level. The anecdotes provided in Mr. Massey’s book are relevant and aligned with delivering his message. This is a book that should be read by everyone. It should be part of every home library, public library, and educational institution. These are the principles that made us great, made us what we are. We need to know them, understand them, and live by them.

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