Monday, December 04, 2006

I Shall Always Honor Your Write

It is rare that someone stops to say thank you for any deed done these days, but recently two people have truly blessed my life by going out of their way to appreciate me and my team.

I am pleased to share a poem by Zubli Zainordin and aphoto of a card Zach Everson mailed me after our interview for Writers in the Sky Podcast. My heart is filled with joy!

Blessings to all!

Yvonne Perry and the Write On! team of creative writers.

I Shall Always Honor Your Write (A dedication to Yvonne Perry and her Professional Team)

A moment ago I look at the sky,
I see clearly, not just with one eye,
an invisible right hand perhaps doing a fry,
and the left hand holding a quill dotting an "i",
Yes, I am referring to Writers in the Sky,
a special newsletter on time it must fly,
its contents are information rich in supply,
the complex craft, made to simplify,
for publish authors a point to justify,
a writer-wanna-be can have a try,
and subscribers love it, they prefer to amplify,
Your devotion to writing on writing,
on your own blog we are eagerly waiting,
at ezinearticles we also see your contribution,
people who are benefiting, more than a million,
you are an expert whom many shall praise,
Chris Knight attests to that, not just with a phrase,
Write On! Truly your encouragement say,
support from the Lord you seek while you pray,
So that you keep on doing what is right,
therefore I shall always honor your write.

Zubli Zainordin wrote this poem after realizing the awesome devotion to quality and quantity works by Yvonne Perry, Barbara Sharp, Rosi Steward, Taryn Simpson, David Teems, Jessica Dockter, Al Desetta, Kate Garvey, Linda Woods, Gordon Randall, Angela Grett, and Loree Gold. Although small in size, just in Nashville, Tennessee, yet this team is continuously impacting the whole globe, and the vast cyber-world. Wow!

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