Tuesday, December 19, 2006

AUTHOR’S Corner by Yvonne Perry

My life has been filled with crazy fun and adventure lately! Now that WRITERS IN THE SKY, my podcast about writing, networking, publishing and marketing, is in full swing I stay pretty busy recording interviews and creating marketing blurbs to promote my guests.
In December we have four fabulous guests from publicist Maryglenn McCombs to public speaker and writer Zach Everson to award-winning writer Mary Buckner and palm reader/author Myrna Lou Goldbaum. See a description of all the terrific shows coming in December at http://www.yvonneperry.net/WritersintheSkyPodcast.htm. While you’re there be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed so you’ll get a reminder email whenever I upload a new show. You won’t want to miss my show with Peter Bowerman, the author of the award-winning Well-Fed Writer titles on January 5, 2007.
If you are interested in being a guest on my podcast let me know by email: writer@yvonneperry.net. A review copy of your book, your bio, your website and any other material would be appreciated when applying to be a guest. By the way, we have over 480 subscribers to the podcast and 620 to this newsletter, and new people are finding us every day. Not bad for a newsletter that started seven months ago and a podcast that started in October. I’m glad YOU are part of our gang!
I took Suzanne Lieurance’s 40-article challenge with a group of writers last month and ended up way too busy trying to keep the pace without letting my clients down. Each member of the group has until the end of the year to write 40 articles on any topic. The articles I have written are available at http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Yvonne_Perry. You may copy and paste my articles to provide content-rich material for your website or blog. Please leave a comment or rating for my articles when you visit the site.
I hope your holidays include safe and happy times with friends and family. Share laughs and hugs and remember to be thankful for the blessings we all enjoy.

Yvonne Perry is a freelance writer and the owner of Write On! Creative Writing Services. She is a graduate of American Institute of Holistic Theology where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Metaphysics. She began her full-time writing career in 2003 and has since written more than twenty books.

Email: writer@yvonneperry.net
Website: http://www.yvonneperry.net
Blog: http://yvonneperry.blogspot.com

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