Monday, November 13, 2006

Poet Hal Manogue on Writers in the Sky Podcast

Hal Manogue will be my guest on Writers in the Sky Podcast November 17, 2006. Hal is a poet and the author of two books of poetry sure to please those who are on a path of awakening and enlightenment.

Hal's unique story about how he became a poet wiill surprise some when they hear that poety is actually Hal's spiritual path.

Here is a poem written by Hal from his first book Short Sleeves.

Daylight Is Every Thing
To A Sunrise
There Is
No End To Daylights
No End To The Love
That Awakes A World
Each Day
The Presence Of A Sunrise
Is A Present
From Love
To Be Shared
With Love
To Be Enjoyed
In Love
To Be Love
Especially At Sunrise

Listen to Hal's audio biography by clicking on the arrow below.

MP3 File

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