Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Out of the Flames by Rebecka Vigus

In her latest novel, Out of the Flames, Rebecka Vigus takes the reader through the process of catching an arsonist. A rash of arsons in the town of Ridge Cliff have fire and police stumped. The latest fire at The Homestead has resulted in the death of an elderly woman and an undercover police officer. Can arson investigator Jake Robins and Detective Rachel Adams find the culprits?

When the two first start investigating they uncover a cache of arms and a six year old witness. Until they can discover what their witness knows they must keep her safe. Will they be able to do it? Then they discover someone in the police department could be involved. Will they be safe? Will they be safe? They must discover as much about the undercover officer as they can while they look into who might have wanted him dead. They must also find out who in the police department is tracking them. Will they be able to solve the case without being in more danger?
Robins comes at the investigation from the arson angle and Adams comes at it from a murder angle. Do the two paths meet or do they pose problems for each other? They are on the same team, but do they have the chemistry to make it work?

The book starts out at the scene of the most recent fire. The reader gets the perspective of the arsonist and the fire investigator. Jake Robins is amidst the crowd waiting his turn to go into the burning building to see if he can determine the cause of the fire. He listens to the speculation around him. Meanwhile from a nearby room, the arsonist looks down on the scene of the burning building and the reader gets his thoughts.

Out of the Flames (ISBN #978-1-4303-0911-6) by Rebecka Vigus in conjunction with Lulu (, the fastest-growing publisher of print-on-demand books is a runaway book. The straightforward language and fast pace of the book will keep you turning pages right up to the end.

Rebecka Vigus is an educator in northern Michigan. She has been writing since she was a teen. She is a life long learner with an English degree from Eastern Michigan University and a Master’s degree from Oakland University. She has post-graduate work in educational leadership from Central Michigan University. Her love of mysteries has led her to her second novel. Her first, titled Secrets, was published in the spring of 2006 by Lulu.

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