Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Private Hell: Struggle & Survival

A book review by the author Gail Fonda

My first book is entitled, "My Private Hell: Struggle & Survival," by Gail Fonda. It's short, but very revealing and to-the-point. I explain in detail my personal emotional trauma, as well as the physical problems I've had to endure as I go through the aging process.

I discuss my nervous illness, anxiety and depression, and the side effects associated with those problems, which sometimes made life unbearable to me. The book is both a memoir and a self-help book, because I reveal my innermost feelings, and how, at times in the past, I used illicit drugs to calm myself down. I think that's a common problem amongst very sensitive individuals, such as artists and actors.

We read about that every day in the tabloids. I think famous people resort to drugs or alcohol to combat their feelings of insecurity and unworthiness in the world, and their lack of self-esteem. Those are all problems I've had to deal with myself. And when you add that I've evolved from a dysfunctional, loveless, family, I had to find some way to make it through life.

The self-help part comes when I reveal how I use regular, daily exercise to erase the negatives in my life, as well as help control newer problems, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, migraines and even hot flashes.I describe how I got started exercising and where I am today with it.

Exercise must be a mainstay in everyone's life for the benefits to work on a permanent basis. Yes, exercise helps maintain a healthy weight, but it also helps gain a positive attitude and gives you energy to pursue whatever your life's dreams might be, and for me, that's getting published and exercising!

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